Results of the First Consultation - July 2012

As part of the Community Governance Review of Letchworth, NHDC sent a questionnaire to Letchworth residents and community groups in May 2012. The purpose of the questionnaire was to gain residents' views on the governance arrangements of the town.

The questionnaire results show that 74% of respondents support the abolition of Letchworth Town Council.

Accordingly, at their meeting of 12th July 2012, North Herts District Council passed a proposal for the abolition of Letchworth Garden City Town Council and the civil parish arrangement, and to re-consult Letchworth residents with a very simple question to gauge public agreement with the proposal.

This final consultation is due to be sent to Letchworth residents on 24th August 2012, and if it verifies agreement with the proposal, Letchworth Town Council will be formally abolished in early 2013.

Here are the published results of the first questionnaire:

Questionnaire Result for Q3

Q3a. Do you support the proposal to abolish the Town council?

Questionnaire Result for Q1

Q1. To what extent, if at all, do you think that the Town Council has benefitted the local community?

Questionnaire Result for Q2

Q2. Since the Town Council was established, do you feel more or less able to influence decisions that affect your local area?

Questionnaire Result for Q3b

Q3b. Do you support the proposal to abolish the civil parish arrangement?

Questionnaire Result for Q4

Q4a. lf the Town Council and Administrative Parish were to be abolished, do you think any new organisations should be established to represent the views of Letchworth Garden City's residents?

Figures taken from the Opinion Research Services report for North Hertfordshire District Council Letchworth Garden City Community Governance Review 2012. The complete report on the questionnaire results can be read here