Community Governance Review: May 2012

Opportunity for Town Council Abolition

In February 2012, following request from the HELP controlled Town Council, North Herts District Council (NHDC) agreed to undertake a Community Governance Review of Letchworth.

Community Governance Review

A Community Governance Review (CGR) is the legislative process by which a Town or Parish Council may be abolished. The CGR process is carried out by the Principal Council - in our case this is NHDC. The purpose of the CGR is to determine the appropriate form of local governance for Letchworth.


The most important part of the CGR is to consult with the residents of Letchworth, to find out what we want. To this end, NHDC is sending out a postal questionnaire to all households on 4th May 2012. This is our opportunity to confirm we want to abolish the Town Council.

NHDC will analyse the responses and make appropriate proposals. Ideally, the public consultation will show that the majority of Letchworth residents would prefer that the Town Council was gone, and then their proposal will be to dissolve the Town Council and abolish the administrative parish.

A high volume of returned questionnaires will be beneficial to the decision making process. The greater the response, the clearer the message, and the easier for NHDC to settle on a course of action. Please be sure to take this opportunity and return your questionnaire.

We are very near the HELP finish line. It has been a long journey, fraught with obstacles placed in our path by those handful of individuals who have spent townsfolk's money on their own agendas, and attempted to boost their own self-importance with mayoral regalia. Those individuals are still here and still trying to hoodwink us into putting them back in charge of our finances.

In the three years HELP has been in charge of the town council, we have charged zero tax precept. That's a saving of £1.5million so far as compared with what was being charged in 2009. Let's make that improvement permanent by getting NHDC to properly get rid of it.