Abolition Questionnaire


NHDC's questionnaire has now arrived.

Here are our suggestions for filling it in:

Q1. To what extent, if at all, do you think that the Town Council has benefitted the local community?

Not at all.

Q2. Since the Town Council was established, do you feel more or less able to influence decisions that affect your local area?

No change.

Q3a. Do you support the proposal to abolish the Town council?


Q3b. Do you support the proposal to abolish the civil parish arrangement?


Q4a. lf the Town Council and Administrative Parish were to be abolished, do you think any new organisations should be established to represent the views of Letchworth Garden City's residents?


Q4c. Please provide further comment about any other organisations that you think should be established, or any other comments you may wish to make.

Please tell NHDC your thoughts on the Town Council.

PLEASE NOTE: Abolishing the Town Council and the civil parish arrangement will NOT result in the loss of Letchworth as a town, or change the name from Letchworth Garden City, or lose its status as First Garden City. Our town will still be Letchworth Garden City, exactly as it was prior to 2005.